Turkey travel update

Attempted military coup in Turkey. "Large scale military action is ongoing in Turkey, and a state of martial law is in effect." -www.telegraph.co.uk As a result some flights has been cancelled or diverted to another airport away from Istanbul. Now I am really worried as were off to Turkey in August. šŸ™ If you're about… Continue reading Turkey travel update


Relaxing and fun MarmarisĀ 

"Marmaris is a pretty laid back mountainous bay with its calm, sunny and golden seashore; there awaits in line some wooden vintage piratey looking yachts ready for some fun and day trips." It is one of Turkey's tourist destinations attracting Russians, British and Scandanavian visitors.  The place has a pretty laidback feel to it; great… Continue reading Relaxing and fun MarmarisĀ 

Turkey: before travel

  "The country is a great place to visit, full of surprises at affordable prices." Let's talk about Turkey and it's beautiful tourism not the other things.  As we all know Turkey is the home of Turquoise Coasts and famous for its Turkish delights. It has long sandy beaches, lots of activities everyone will enjoy (that's including… Continue reading Turkey: before travel