Durdle Door and it’s neighbouring coves

Durdle Door is an amazing wonder of nature naturally formed door like; perfectly set in its long sandy beach with rugged backdrop of limestone; just along Jurassic coastline. Everything about it...from side to side...back and forth are just beautiful scenery with its own specific purpose. Just like the picture below it's a cove right next… Continue reading Durdle Door and it’s neighbouring coves


Tourist for a night in West End 

I've been living in London for 15 years now and it's only last night I enjoyed West End.  In my younger (party 🎉) years we used to come and meet friends in the area until midnight for clubbing and so on but never to stop and enjoy it as what tourists would normally do.  But… Continue reading Tourist for a night in West End 

Tanning and hot sunshine in Brighton

This is our instant half day trip and late dinner in Brighton; great way to end my daughter's school year and a very good start for our summer break xxx Brighton is one of the closest beach to London; about an hour and a half from London and the traffic is not too bad either… Continue reading Tanning and hot sunshine in Brighton