Holiday for Couples: how hard can it be?

So how hard can it be to find and book holidays for an average couples with kids. If travelling with kids it's alright and fun too but booking and getting away to spend quality together without the kids is great and exciting as well but it's more harder and complicated than that. And to answer the above question honestly based… Continue reading Holiday for Couples: how hard can it be?


When in Spain- things to do. 

Happy 2017!🎉 Sorry been out of the loop but here I am blogging since 04:48 am UK time 😋 Yes, it's job...been busy and here's my first entry for the new year as I could not stop thinking about holidays- previous and future plans.  Future plans for this year: Morocco  or Thailand...what do you think?  Anyway… Continue reading When in Spain- things to do. 

Family adventure in Spain 

Spain is clean, wide, hot and beautiful. The things I love the most about Spain is that it has a relaxing feel to it and its clean...a little warmer sea water.  7 days holiday with 2 kids (9 & 3 yrs old) in a hot foreign land like Spain- I thought it would be less fun… Continue reading Family adventure in Spain 

Preparing for your holidays 

Are you a last minute packer? Or you're like me who's always excited and ahead of time when it comes to travel plans and preparation.  As we all know preparation is the key to a safe, fun, less disastrous, memorable and happy holidays.  Because things can and do go wrong; so it is best to do… Continue reading Preparing for your holidays