Durdle Door and it’s neighbouring coves

Durdle Door is an amazing wonder of nature naturally formed door like; perfectly set in its long sandy beach with rugged backdrop of limestone; just along Jurassic coastline. Everything about it...from side to side...back and forth are just beautiful scenery with its own specific purpose. Just like the picture below it's a cove right next… Continue reading Durdle Door and it’s neighbouring coves


Holiday for Couples: how hard can it be?

So how hard can it be to find and book holidays for an average couples with kids. If travelling with kids it's alright and fun too but booking and getting away to spend quality together without the kids is great and exciting as well but it's more harder and complicated than that. And to answer the above question honestly based… Continue reading Holiday for Couples: how hard can it be?

My 2017 travel wishes 

Ok it's that time of year again! Time to start sorting out my holiday plans especially at work...and I am stucked!!! I have been staring at the forms and dates since 7 this morning 😟.  Remembering Summer 2016 I think we (my family and I) did well and had so much fun together in Spain… Continue reading My 2017 travel wishes 

My Most Epic Travel Photos

"Travel is the only way to conquer the world without war; but through fun...exciting...memorable...responsible holidays where we do not hate but we get to learn and love more about the place and its people." -mariafelissa  I'm not even half way but when the time and money permits I will try to update this from time… Continue reading My Most Epic Travel Photos

Family adventure in Spain 

Spain is clean, wide, hot and beautiful. The things I love the most about Spain is that it has a relaxing feel to it and its clean...a little warmer sea water.  7 days holiday with 2 kids (9 & 3 yrs old) in a hot foreign land like Spain- I thought it would be less fun… Continue reading Family adventure in Spain 

Holiday hidden charges

After we paid all the necessary holiday bookings and we think we've covered everything...unfortunately there's still extra charges that can easily break our holiday allowance and budget. Maybe you already know about this but below are the common travel hidden charges we can hardly can't avoid. * International phone charges. Watch out for this because… Continue reading Holiday hidden charges

Tanning and hot sunshine in Brighton

This is our instant half day trip and late dinner in Brighton; great way to end my daughter's school year and a very good start for our summer break xxx Brighton is one of the closest beach to London; about an hour and a half from London and the traffic is not too bad either… Continue reading Tanning and hot sunshine in Brighton